Lithuania Citizenship by repatriation

Lithuania Citizenship by Investment

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Lithuania provides a means for people of Lithuanian heritage who left the country to get their citizenship back through a procedure called repatriation. This program gives eligible people and their families the opportunity to regain Lithuanian citizenship in an effort to reunite the Lithuanian diaspora with their ancestral origins. Repatriation requirements include knowing the Lithuanian language, being of Lithuanian descent, and pledging to protect Lithuanian cultural heritage.

One of the features of Repatriation is it grants citizenship to all family members. Not only can the main applicant can gain Lithuanian citizenship through this process, but also their spouse and children can. This harmonious strategy is a reflection of Lithuania’s dedication to promoting family unity and fortifying connections with the Lithuanian diaspora. Granting citizenship to the entire family at the same time improves the sense of community and eases the return process for repatriated persons and their families, resulting in a stronger bond with Lithuania’s rich cultural and historical heritage.

Permanent residency in 6 months

Discover a simplified path to permanent residence within six months and the prospect of obtaining Lithuanian citizenship by repatriation without the hassle of language exams and strict residency requirements. As you begin your journey, rest assured that Lithuania is the 5th most powerful passport in the world that opens the door to unprecedented global mobility.

One of the main attractions of Lithuania’s “Citizenship by Repatriation” program is a quick way to permanent residence. Within just six months, investors can create a solid foundation in this Baltic gem. This efficient process facilitates a smooth transition for those seeking to make Lithuania their new home.

Citizenship without language test and residency

Lithuania’s commitment to attract global talent and investors is exemplified by its Citizenship by Repatriation program, which offers you the unique advantage of obtaining citizenship without the stress of a language test or strict residency requirements. This policy simplifies the path to Lithuanian citizenship, creating a welcoming environment for those who want to contribute to the country’s growth and success.

Lithuania is proud to hold the 5th most powerful passport in the world, offering visa-free access to an extensive list of countries. This prestigious rating enhances the appeal of Lithuanian citizenship, and offers investors and their families the liberty to travel and do business across borders without any hassles. So, travel, explore new opportunities and embrace a universal lifestyle with the confidence of a Lithuanian passport.

5th most powerful passport

As per Passport Index 2023, Lithuania holds the 5th powerful passport in the world along with the UK. This achievement is a proof of the nation’s commitment to offer its citizens global mobility and access to various nations without the nuisance of visa restrictions.


Not required


Not required

25000 Euros

Price Per Adult (Above 18)


• Permanent residence – 6 months
• Citizenship – 1 year

Legal services:

240,000 € - cost per case
• 33% - prepayment
• 33% - upon receipt of permanent residence
• 34% - upon receipt of a passport
• Accommodation and flights are paid by the customer


• Applicant (citizenship)
• Children (citizenship)
• Spouse through permanent residence citizenship
Children go through the same procedure as the main applicant. Their presence at all stages is mandatory.

Registration Procedure of Lithuania Citizenship

* Submission and receipt are accompanied be a lawyer

Inclusive applicants:

The citizenship registration procedure is designed to take into account not only the main applicant, but also his children and spouse through permanent residence. Children go through the same procedures as the main applicant, with their mandatory presence at all stages, which ensures a comprehensive and family-friendly approach to the citizenship process.

Advantages of Lithuanian citizenship:

Lithuania’s commitment to an efficient and inclusive citizenship process, combined with the power of the 5th most influential passport, positions the country as an exceptional destination for those seeking a new home with global opportunities. Experience the warmth of Lithuanian culture and the freedom that comes with a passport that opens the door to the world.

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