There are millions of non-EU citizens who would like to apply and become EU citizens, but how do they get it? The rules are strict and the application itself must be accurate with all the correct documentation. If you are in search of EU citizenship info, this guide will help you know more about how to become an EU citizen.

Eu Citizen

A European citizen is a person who enjoys all the rights to reside in the country. They have the complete right to move freely, fetch employment opportunities, and settle there. To acquire citizenship, you should apply for EU citizenship in your first phase. The procedures vary from state to state as per their country’s rules and regulations. EU citizenship grants permission to the residents of EU member states to become EU citizens. This legal bond between an individual and the state can be approved by marriage, birth, naturalisation, etc. A person who was born in the EU is considered to be an EU citizen and through naturalisation, the state grants their citizenship application.

The state can refute the application:

  • If the person has a criminal background, present or past
  • Submitting falsified documents
  • Damaged passport
  • Unsatisfactory explanations for the purpose of stay
  • Insufficient means of subsistence
  • Failing to respect Schengen visa limitations previously
How to Become An Eu Citizen

If you are planning to leave your country and move to a European country and become a citizen there, then it would be a good idea to assess the situation before making the actual move for filling the application. There are different ways to get permanent European citizenship, let’s check them out:

  1. Naturalization

Naturalization is the process of admitting a foreigner by acquiring a residence permit as a European citizen. It permits you to reside in any European state of your choice within months of completing all the processes concerning your application. European Citizenship by naturalisation involves work, marriage, business, and investments.

  1. Citizenship by descent

If you are supposed to meet any of your family members who already have European citizenship, you can acquire EU citizenship. This is the most common way and the first option of acquiring citizenship in Europe.

  1. European Union citizenship by investment

You can make an investment plan in the country to grant the country permission to get citizenship in the European Union. There are mainly two economic citizenship programs: Malta (It takes almost 15 months to issue your EU passport- required €650,000 donation, €25, 000 for a partner, €15,000 government bonds, €350,000 for home purchase and 5-year lease contract with €16,000 per year) and Cyprus (the fastest naturalisation process within 57 days, you require €2 million in government bonds, bank deposit, real estate, and new company investment.

  1. Citizenship by Exception

A government body including the president, parliament and prime minister, etc. has the complete authority to grant you EU citizenship based on the exceptional virtues that you have.

So here we have discussed the major four options involved in EU citizenship: naturalisation, descent, investment, and exception. Before you opt for a choice, you just have to analyse all the potential risks and benefits. Find the ideal solutions and ask yourself if it is worth it or not.

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