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The very thought of France conjures up images of fairy tale castles and stunning landscape, and the moment you visit the country, you would want to stay there forever, perhaps? If you are thinking of getting French citizenship, you have come to the right place because we can help you apply for French citizenship. Once we have completed all the necessary steps. It will be submitted to the concerned authority. It is the French Ministry of the Interior that handles the citizenship requests.

There are several ways in which you can apply for French citizenship, and we can help you understand each of them in detail to see the one that resonates with you best:

  • Being born in France or an overseas territory
  • Having French parents
  • Marriage to a French citizen
  • Adoption by a French parent
  • Naturalisation through residency

We will explain each of these processes in detail once you get in touch with us. This would help you go forward with your citizenship application.  You can submit an application to become a French citizen either at the judicial court if you are already in France or in a French embassy or consulate if you live abroad.

Eligibility Criteria

We can help you through the processes needed to get a French passport. To live in France, you need a French passport. If you are staying in France now the first step towards citizenship would be to get a residence permit. With this permit, you can stay in the country and work or study. There are a lot of things that you need to follow to gain entry into France. You need to know French, learn the culture, history, speak French at the B1 level and pay taxes. If you are married to a French citizen, then you should be married for four years (if the spouse is living in France) or five years (if the spouse lives outside France).

Getting the residence permit is the first step, and we can help you through the documentation and paperwork so you can get it right the first time. There are plenty of legalities involved in getting a French citizenship, going through a government website is helpful, having knowledge people guiding you through the legalities will help you complete the official documentation much faster.

Establishing Residency

Are you trying to get a French residency or a French citizenship? If you are looking to stay in France for 10 years then you can apply for the French permanent residency. There is documentation and paperwork that you need to complete to get French permanent residency. Our experts can guide you through them and complete the paperwork so you can get the residency as soon as possible.

We can help you become a naturalised French citizen if you have been living in France for five continuous years. then you can apply for French citizenship. However, you need to know the culture, society and be aware of the rights and duties of French citizens. We can help you cover each of these aspects, guiding you through the process, learning the language, understanding the culture, and provide tips on how you need to be prepared for the tests. Our experts will give you tips on how to ace the test, and get excellent scores.  It is indeed a complicated process, but our expertise can help you through it with minimal trouble. 

We can help you get the following documents for your French citizenship:

French Citizenship

Language and Integration Requirements

Applicants for Romanian citizenship through repatriation Program do not need to invest hundreds of thousands of euros in the economy of the country if they can prove that they or their direct relatives resided on Romanian territory prior to 1940. All you need to do is to fulfil the following requirements:
We can train you to become experts at French, by helping you learn the language, and demonstrate the required proficiency on both oral and written French. The minimum level of language proficiency is B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CERL), which is an intermediate level, a common level across Europe.

There are so many ways in which you can gain entry into France and get French citizenship. But you will have to be really proficient in their culture and language. Sports people, research scientists, people with other talents can gain into the country, but each comes with its own regulations and limitations.

If you are a foreigner entering France with a visa, then you will have to visit the French Office of Immigration and Integration for an interview. You will have to sign a Republican Integration Contract and there is an integration process which our lawyer will run you through. This is all personalised so you don’t have to be worried about anything. One of our lawyers will be assigned to you, and their team will provide all the support that you need,  and eventually will help you apply for a multi-year residence card.

Naturalization Process

If you want to become a French citizen by naturalisation then you should complete 18 years of age or be older. French naturalisation means spending five continuous years in France, and to apply for citizenship by naturalisation, you have to meet certain requirements. Our experts can help you through each of these should you have any doubts:

Our team can help you get your documents ready, so there will be no delay in acquiring citizenship status. Even so, there will be some detailed verification processes and police verification. The whole process can take around 18 months to two years to be completed.  There will be a fee for passport processing.

We will brief you on the different processes you need to complete to get the citizenship, and what all you need to do to make your application perfect. There are a few exceptions offered by the French government, so you can apply for citizenship in less than five years. We can explain these in detail once you get in touch with us.

The applications for naturalisation can be made online. We can help you complete the application accurately. The rules vary slightly when you are a EU national, and you don’t have to hold a residence card. When you are from any other country, you do have to hold the residence card.


French Citizenship with EU Citizen

  1. Collection of Documents

With the right documents in your hand, your application will move in the right direction without any delay. Here are the documents that you must have:

Passport, Emirates ID, Marriage certificate, Birth certificate & Degree certificate (Main Applicant).

In addition to the basic documents, there will be other documents depending on your situation, like if you are a student or if you have a spouse or parents in the country. You will have to show the documents pertaining to each of these situations

The documents that you need to submit are thus different for different kinds of people, so it is important that you do everything under professional guidance, to save time and effort. We will explain each of the processes in detail and help you get the required certificates to complete your application in the correct manner. Get everything done the first time itself with our help, and everything will go smoothly.

Check out the documents that you need to carry, in detail:

The documents also cover the following

 2. Coordination with the Lawyer

Our lawyers specialise in French nationality law and French immigration and they act as a liaison between you and the French embassy in the UAE. Once we perfect all the documents and ensure that the paperwork is in the right order and is accurate, our citizenship lawyers will prepare the Dossier and book an appointment with the French embassy. You will be able to track the dossier once the application is submitted so you will know how things are progressing.

Our services ensure comfortable citizenship application services, so say goodbye to your anxieties. You can also enjoy several additional benefits offered at the Premium Lounge, including photo-booth services and complimentary photocopying. You will get personalised attention and our lawyer will be there throughout.

The lawyers are trained specifically in the field of immigration law and every year we help thousands of people applying to get French citizenship. Our lawyers can deliver the happiness and satisfaction of a successful immigration process.

3. Submission of Documents at the French Embassy

Once your documents are all ready and proof checked for accuracy and the facts verified, our lawyer would come with you to the French embassy in the UAE.

We will get you premier lounge services when you arrive at the embassy. Our lawyer will help you submit the passport for the D visa (Titre De Sejour stamping).

 If you have close relatives who are of French citizenship or ancestry then you need to bring along the documents that confirm the relationship to the French consulate. This is how you can get French citizenship by descent.

4.Collection of Passport and Travel to France

Once you receive the visa, it is mandatory that you must enter France within two months. Our lawyer will initiate the one-year residence permit as you enter the country, and clear the immigration  requirements. If you already have address proof, then it would be perfect, if not, you will have to pay an additional cost of 3000 Euros.

You can renew your residence status after one year; you can either do it on your own or our lawyer will do it for you. However, you will have to undertake the medical check up during the course of your stay in the first year.

Get in touch with our immigration lawyers to know more about this.

5.Acquiring Carte de Sejour Residence Permit

If you are looking for French citizenship, then you will have to stay in the country for five years. You can renew your residency status after every year. You can do this on the French immigration portal or your lawyer can do it from the UAE. There will be an account for you in the portal, and you can just log in and renew on your own. Our lawyer will open this account when you move to France.

You can visit the prefecture or sub-prefecture near your place of stay in France to apply for the renewal of residency permit or the CARTE DE SEJOUR. But remember to submit the application two months before the exploration of your visa or residence permit. Submit the necessary documents, your biometrics and a certain amount for tax and stamp duties.

6. Acquiring Permanent Residency & French Citizenship

To apply for French citizenship, you will have to live in the country for five years. And you will have to stay for a minimum period of 183 days during the 4th and 5th year of the residence permit. You can work during the period, and pay your taxes as well. It would be about 10% of your income. Paying your taxes will help you apply for PR or Permanent Residency within 6 months.

There is some police verification and clearance required for getting your French citizenship. Let us help you through everything. With our experience and knowledge, we can go through each of the steps with minimal trouble. Once you complete all the required mandates, you will be eligible for French citizenship.

Contact our team of immigration lawyers and we can give you more information about French visas and other immigration matters. France is a great place, with liberal immigration regime, but you need to get the paperwork done in the right way. And this is where we can work with you, and make your documentation and paperwork perfect.


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