Do you know the consequences of abandoning your Romanian citizenship? If it triggers you as it is inhibited by the Romanian authorities, it doesn’t matter at all you just have to follow a few simple steps to get your Romanian citizenship back. But how? You can obtain your residency permit for Romania easily by Birth, request, or adoption. In order to freely live in the country without any law connotations, you should renew your residential ship in a year with the type of permit accordingly. Eucitizen is here to help you to get Romanian citizenship by investment. Our team brings you the complete answer for all of your present conditions with the required information. Here are some important steps that you need to follow to avoid such circumstances.

Romanian citizenship

Romanian citizenship is the entryway to the ironic reimbursements offered by the European Union, meanwhile, you may be subjected to endure some legal formalities, as European countries stand ahead due to high-quality standards of well-being, education, and communal benefits. If you are searching for the best and easiest ways to get your Romanian citizenship, thus we are here with this article mainly to specify to you how to get Romanian citizenship by investment.

Romanian citizenship Pathways

Here are three important pathways to Romanian citizenship


As per the citizenship law of Rome, kids born in Romanian territory, then he/she will be their citizens consequently. If one parent is a Romanian citizen then their children/ grandchildren receive Romanian citizenship. Hence if a child is born and brought up abroad then he/she will consider a citizen.


As adoption is common abroad, if the adoptive parent is a citizen of Romania, then the child who is adopted acquires Romanian citizenship. On behalf of it, even if it is an individual adopts a kid, then the child also received the same citizenship as their parents.


If a person abandoned/lost Romanian citizenship, he/she can easily access it if they demand.

A particular person can request for getting Romanian citizenship if an individual is planning to relocate there at least for 8 years, it depends on the discovery of their attitude and behavior towards Romanian people, a minimum of 18 years of age groups, having proof of your existence, Romanian language must be mastered with no any other criminal offenses.

Romanian citizenship by investment

You can easily request Romanian citizenship by investment if you are interested to capitalize on businesses or property. An individual who is ready to invest an amount of money to obtain a country permit varies from one region to another. As most of the republics deliver temporary visa permits with the 1 year renewed validity.

First, you need to get an investment visa with a 1 million euro investment for your business with the legal residency permit.

Eucitizen is here to help you to build profitable foreign investment in Romania. We are ensuring to provide high-end tailored services by resolving all your specifications along with the right guidance and consultancy. Join us to avoid costly mistakes and make your way smoother.

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