Slovenia- A nation that is better to all others in Eastern Europe in terms of its ecological situation and way of living, has assimilated the best traits from its neighbours, while still retaining its quaint individuality. It is legitimately referred to as the “nation of one’s dreams.”

Many foreign students enrol in Slovenia’s universities and colleges each year. Arrivals are increasing on a constant basis. High educational standards and pleasant living standards, which are typical of Europe, appeal to individuals who have reached a particular upper limit in their current employment as well as to yesterday’s graduates of schools and universities.

How to Get Slovenian Citizenship?

You must meet the prerequisites for one of the following citizenship paths in order to obtain Slovenian citizenship:

  • Slovenian Citizenship by Birth

If at least one parent is a Slovenian citizen and the child is born in Slovenia, the child is immediately granted Slovenian citizenship. A child who is born outside of Slovenia may be regarded as a citizen of Slovenia, if:

  • Both parents are Slovenian citizens
  • The child doesn’t have any other citizenship in hand
  • One of the parents is a Slovenian citizen, while the other parent lacks a citizenship.
  • Slovenian Citizenship by Descent

Up to two generations of direct ancestry can qualify you as a descendant of Slovenian descent. If you register for your citizenship before you are 36, you can become a Slovenian citizen by descent. You must also present many family documents attesting to your ancestor’s Slovenian citizenship.

  • Slovenian Citizenship by Marriage

If you have been married for at least three years to your spouse, who must also be a Slovenian citizen, you are qualified to petition for Slovenian citizenship through marriage. Also, you must have spent a year in Slovenia with your spouse.

  • Slovenian Citizenship by Investment

Business investors with sufficient funds may be eligible for Slovenian citizenship by investment in UAE if:

  • they invest at least 50,000 euros in starting a new business and
  • create new jobs for Slovenian citizens.
  • They can seek for Slovenian citizenship after two years with a permanent residency permit.
  • Slovenian Citizenship by Naturalization

By “naturalising,” a person who was not a citizen of that nation at the time of their birth seeks to acquire its nationality and citizenship. One of the following prerequisites must be satisfied in order to become a naturalised Slovenian citizen:

  • if a person has spent at least ten years residing in the Republic of Slovenia;
  • if the individual is wed to a Slovenian national;
  • if the individual is a descendant of a Slovenian expatriate;
  • if an individual loses Slovenian citizenship as a result of renunciation or release from citizenship;
  • if the person lacks citizenship (statelessness);
  • if the individual is a refugee;
  • if a person studied in the Republic of Slovenia and completed at least one university program with honours;
  • if a person was born on Republic of Slovenian soil and has lived there all of their life;
  • if the individual has resided in the Republic of Slovenia while still a minor.

Benefits of Getting a Slovenian Citizenship:

Some of the benefits of obtaining a Slovenian citizenship are as follows:

  • live and/or work in any alliance member nation;
  • Travel freely beyond the nations’ borders of the USA, Asia, and the European Union (including those covered by the Schengen Agreement);
  • Invest in real estate at a reasonable cost;
  • Get a high-quality education that meets European criteria;
  • Get social benefits such as loans, insurance, and various allowances.
  • submit the necessary paperwork for family reunion in the nation;
  • Create a company for yourself in the old world with good growth potential.

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