How To Get Argentinian Citizenship in UAE

Argentina is a breathtakingly beautiful country that astonishes with its varied landscapes and vibrant culture. Every region of this nation, from the enormous Pampas to the beautiful Andes, has a distinct narrative to tell. Experience the world-famous Argentine beef, revel in the colourful celebrations that epitomise the Argentine character, and indulge in the passionate embrace of the tango in Buenos Aires. Argentina beckons as a blank canvas ready to be filled with your own experiences via your adventure.

For EU citizens looking to explore new opportunities, Argentina’s expanding economy and varied employment market make it a great place to live. This location ensures a wide range of options for individuals hoping to advance in their careers as well as for business owners wishing to make investments in a sizable, flourishing market with plenty of prospects.

Argentina is a large country, and many of the climate changes are caused by the country’s large territory and height variations. Speaking of the capital, the weather in Buenos Aires is consistently warm and pleasant. Although the winters might be foggy and the summers steamy, the year-round weather is nice. The winters in southern Argentina are quite cold, whereas the centre and northern regions get warmer temperatures.

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Benefits of being an Argentinian Citizen

If you are wondering how to get Romanian citizenship, we are prepared to help and provide complete client support for you and your family…!!!

The Rentier Visa: Your Gateway to Residency in Argentina

If you plan to stay in the country for more than ninety days, you need apply for a temporary (and subsequently permanent) resident visa.

Foreign nationals who plan to live and work as tenants in the Argentine Republic are eligible for this temporary residency. This encompasses people who pay for their stay with money they carry from home, money they make, or any other acceptable outside income. It can be a wise choice for digital nomads and remote professionals who wish to stay longer than three or six months on a tourist visa.

Argentinian Citizenship

All you need to do is to fulfil the following requirements

Required Documents:

Applicants for Romanian citizenship through repatriation Program do not need to invest hundreds of thousands of euros in the economy of the country if they can prove that they or their direct relatives resided on Romanian territory prior to 1940. All you need to do is to fulfil the following requirements:

The procedure is extremely simple. We will carry out archival work to find evidence of your Argentinian “roots of origin”. This will be a sufficient basis for the legal restoration of Argentinian citizenship.

The primary objective is to prove the territorial affiliation of the clients’ relatives. A comprehensive legal support service is provided by our lawyers who will carry out archival work to find evidence of your Argentinian ancestry. It is our responsibility to deal with all concerns related to the search and restoration of documentary evidence of your territorial affiliation with Argentina.

Please contact us if you have any questions about “how to get Argentinian citizenship in the UAE.” We will assist you with all necessary formalities. You can contact us by WhatsApp or by phone at +971 56 976 0980.

Program Cost

We respect our clients' time and money so much that we only request payment when we have fulfilled all of our commitments to them throughout the process. You can invest in three stages and add a Tyre A citizenship to your portfolio through the legal process. You will be reimbursed once each stage is successfully completed. You will be able to reduce the risk associated with your investment and the associated financial worries associated with alternative citizenship programmes by doing this.


Not required


Not required

25000 Euros

Price Per Adult (Above 18)


36 Months

Not required

Language Requirement

Price per Adult(18 & above)

15,000 USD per person

Price for children(Below 18)

2,000 USD per person

To apply for citizenship, applicant must complete certain requirements during your residency period.

  1. Applicants must have clean criminal records within or outside Argentina from the commencement of their application until they become citizens.
  2. To petition for citizenship after 36 months, applicants must reside in Argentina at least 14 day each year for three consecutive years.


Alternatively, by marrying an Argentinian citizen, the candidate can obtain citizenship in 12 months.

  1. Applicant must ensure in having evidence to meet the monthly requirement of 2000$ per adult of passive income until they apply for citizenship throughout their residency.
  2. The first two DNIs obtained for first two years are temporary. During the third year the temporary DNI, is automatically converted into a permanent DNI (Permanent Residency).
  3. After acquisition of permanent DNI, applicants’ case is taken to court and presented for citizenship. The entire Argentinian citizenship process takes approximately 3 years.

Payment Terms:

60% Contract Payment

Once the applicant is determined to be eligible to apply through rentier visa and has the tourist visa to enter Argentina or has a citizenship which grants visa free access, a payment of 60% of the total contract amount is paid.

20% Middle Payment

Before second visit to Argentina to renew DNI.

20% Final Payment

Is paid after third visit to Argentina when the temporary DNI is converted into a permanent DNI (Permanent Residency).


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