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Being one of the best Romania immigration consultant in UAE, we at EU Citizen aspire to be the top immigration consultants and the most trustworthy immigration firm in the UAE. We aim to help clients achieve European citizenship without encountering any obstacles by providing impeccable end-to-end guidance and in reducing the hassle of overspending for clients in programs. Our advisors provide customers with a clear view of the complete immigration procedure and help them navigate the associated complications in a hassle-free manner by effectively utilizing their extensive experience in the immigration process. We are the top Romania immigration consultant in UAE. If you are planning to get Slovenian citizenship, then you have come to the right place.

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We provide immigration services through repatriation i.e., citizenship in these two countries using a distinct and standardized methodology. This enables our clients to acquire citizenship easily and effectively through citizenship laws of Romania and Slovenia.


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We takes great efforts to meet the client’s needs by being transparent and taking intense efforts in help achieving their goals


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Our Core Philosophies

EU Citizen takes great efforts to meet the client’s needs by being transparent and taking intense efforts in help achieving their goals. We believe this will help us achieve our goal to be most successful European immigration consultants in UAE. Therefore, presently we only help clients obtain citizenship in two countries – Romania and Slovenia. Hence, we won’t be able to assist you with citizenship requests for any other country. Furthermore, we are unable to help you with tourist, residence, golden, or work visas.

Our prices are economical and are neither too exorbitant nor too cheap.

We focus on our client’s requirements and ensure that every approach is handled carefully.

We are honest and transparent with all our services and charges with our clients.

We ensure that the services are seamless and hassle-free with a quick turnaround time.

We have partners in Slovenia and Romania for smooth completion of all our clients’ applications.


Requirements for getting Romanian Citizenship

There are three methods to become a citizen of Romania as per Romanian citizenship legislation. Two of these relate to the jus sanguinis (the right of blood) system, which states that a kid can get Romanian citizenship if either of his/her parents is Romanian. A child under the age of 14 who is adopted by Romanian parent(s) is also qualified for citizenship in that country. The child’s agreement is necessary if they are older than 14 years old.

Naturalization is the third method of obtaining Romanian citizenship, and EU Citizen can assist you with this process thanks to our expertise in this area.

If you fall into one of the following groups, you are qualified to participate in this process:

Requirements for getting Slovenian citizenship

Slovenia has recently grown significantly more appealing for foreigners looking to relocate, both temporarily and permanently. Foreign nationals can live in a European nation in the geographic centre of Europe to get Slovenian citizenship. Also, it provides a low cost of living—and the best of all, an EU passport.

If at least one parent is a Slovenian citizen and the kid is born in Slovenia, the child is immediately granted Slovenian citizenship. A kid who is born outside of Slovenia may be regarded as a citizen of Slovenia if:

You will be considered a Slovenian citizen for up to two generations of direct ancestry. If you register for your citizenship before you are 36, you can become a Slovenian citizen by descent. You must also present many family documents attesting to your ancestor’s Slovenian citizenship.If you are planning to get Romanian or Slovenian citizenship by investment, feel free to call us at +971 569760980 or Whats App us on +971 569760980.